Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New monthly profit record, Supernova achieved

I just achieved supernova about 30 minutes ago and I have to say it feels pretty damn good. In the last 24 hours I've done pretty well again pulling together about another 1.2k in profit which propelled my Dec profit to about 9.4k breaking my past record of 9.1k. This record will stick as I will be taking tomorrow off and get started again on Jan 1. Here is my Dec graph and sharkscope #'s.

Games Played: 429
Avg Stake: $128
Avg Profit: $22.07
Avg ROI: 14%
Total Profit: $9,467

This has been an incredibly sweet month for the minimal volume I've put in. I actually did not expect to even get that many games in. It just seemed like I ran hot the whole month and on top of that I was playing with a ton of confidence. The kind of confidence where you just believe good things are going to happen and that you can outplay anybody. I love that feeling. Give me more of that shit!

I am also very happy with my 2008 overall. When I look back on the player I was at the beginning of the year and the player I am now it's like night and fucking day. I'm so much better and I see things so much more clear now. Tilt has always been a problem for me but month by month it seems to get better and I seem to handle the bad beats, coolers, cold decks, etc in a healthier manner. I'm getting a little better at just laughing them off and thinking about the long term. Anyways here are my graphs and #'s for 2008 on Pokerstars & Full Tilt.(Pokerstars listed first, Full Tilt second)

Games Played: 3,913
Avg Stake: $103
Avg Profit: $12.67
Avg ROI: 11%
Total Profit: $49,573

Games Played: 4,127
Avg Stake: $91
Avg Profit: $5.44
Avg ROI: 7%
Total Profit: $22,458

My #'s are way way better on Stars, which is one of the reasons I made the decision a while back to play stars full time. I'm not exactly sure why it was either. I started out good enough but towards the end of my time on Full Tilt I broke even over the course of my last 1,000 games or so. The structure is a little faster so maybe that has something to do with it. It could also be the rematch button, as much as I like it it can be a curse when you're tilting. I know I did that more times than i care to admit. Pissed as all shit and rematching a person who is outplaying me badly. Talk about stupid. Who knows, maybe stars just fits my style of play better.

Overall sharkscope shows me at about 73k in profit for 2008(it's acutally more like 74k, it missed some of my games apparently). This blew my original goal of 40k out of the water. Kaboom!! 2009 should be even better for a couple of reasons:

  • I am a better player
  • I control my tilt better
  • I will be playing $115's & $230's(in 2008 i was still dabbling in the $55's a bit at the beg of yr)
  • Experience(which basically ties back to the first 2 i guess)

My poker goals for 2009:

  • Play at least 625 heads up games/month(at least 20% at the $230 level)
  • Control tilt(getting better at this all the time, but I still go a little retarded every now and then)
  • Exercise 3 times/week(gotta get back into doing this, healthy body=healthy mind)
  • Continue to study/improve my play
  • 100k profit(if I keep my 4 goals above this should happen)
I am glad I started this blog and I will continue to try to update at least 10 times a month. I could almost include that as a poker goal. It helps keep me motivated for sure.

Goodbye 2008!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Record day

In my last entry I said that I was hoping in the last 3 days of the month that I could pull together another grand in profit. Well, I did that today and then some by finishing the day ahead $2,240. I am quite pumped about this performance. It is a record for me in terms of profit, my previous best day being around 1.8k or something. I played 24 $115's posting a 17-7 record, but what really made the day was a 6-0 record in the $230's. It felt like I couldn't lose and I was playing on top of my game, the very top. I even got disconnected in one of the $115's at the 25/50 level and got blinded out, but it did not matter it didn't seem I could be stopped today. Obv I had the poker gods helping me out today, especially in terms of winning 45/50's, 50/50's and 55/45's. I also had a few nice suckouts(the one that most comes to mind is JJ beating KK all in pre, on like the 5th hand of a match), and a few coolers go my way. I also made some very nice laydowns(I think), bluffs, value bets, all that good stuff. Then there were some matches where the players made absolutely horrible plays and basically handed me 70/30 edges, which is always nice(plus they held). In the end it was just running super hot, on top of playing awesome and this is the result. I am thrilled with it.

I am now at about 8.2k in profit and may acutally have a shot at my monthly record if I have 2 more decent days. My record is 9.1k so I'm about $900 off. That def has a possibility of happening. Hopefully I don't get slammed by some negative variance. No downswing please.

I made a $50 bet with my brother on the NFL playoffs. We took turns picking 1 team at a time until all teams were picked. Whoever has the team that wins the SuperBowl wins $50. Following is the enemy's lineup:


Following is my lineup:


I like my lineup way better. It would also be OK if the vikings went all the way, I will sacrafice $50 to see a vikings championship. We'll see what happens.

Bye Bye

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well, I got back into Minnesota Saturday evening after spending the xmas holiday in my gf's homestate of Nebraska. Did not play any poker on Saturday, instead watched the UFC fights and had a few beers at a buddy's house. I ended up losing about $35 on the fights also, but the fights were pretty awesome. Today I watched the vikings beat the Giants on a last second 50 yard field goal to clinch the division. It was good to see, I was getting that sinking feeling they were gonna screw everything up. Playing the Eagles in the wild cards playoffs. The game is in Minnesota, should be a super close matchup I think. I dominated my sports bets today going 4-0-1 and aslo picking a 5 team parlay which paid off like 5:1 on a $5 dollar bet. The other bets were all around $20. I finished ahead like $105 or something, pretty nice. My sportsbetting roll which originally started at $500 is now at around $630 or so. $50 of that is a bonus I got for depositing. Nice not to drop it instantly.

After watching the Vikes game and the Dolphins/Jets I played a little poker. I think the 5 day break from the game was a good thing. My mind felt refreshed and I seemed to be thinking sharply. I didn't play a whole lot, but some. Went 6-3 in the $115's, which was good but just 1-3 in the $230's. So, 7-6 overall, just lost the wrong ones. I played a 6 man $119, which I have not done in months, just suddenly decided wtf and decided to play. I took it down so that helped me recover and finsih with a $115 profit for the day. All my big pots were preflop all ins. QQ>AQs, 77>AK, then 3 handed KK>A3 to get me to heads up, first hand of heads up I have chiplead 5500-2000 with 100/200 blinds, A10>A9, ship it. Lot of skill involved in those hands, lol.

Well there are 3 days left in the month and I'm at about 6k in profit, which I am super happy with considering I haven't played much in terms of volume at all. Maybe I can go on a nice little run these last 3 days of 08 and finish month at 7k+. If not that's fine, I'm happy with my 2008 and am ready for an awesome 2009. I also am about 1,700 vpp's from supernova so I will hit that with not much time to spare.

That's all I got right now, good night people.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Short session=sucky

My last poker for a few days sucked ass. Ended my 9 day streak of finishing in the black. Super short session, just 6 games but only won 1 of them. 1-5 is not good, down $585 for day. Not a disaster by any means. Pretty sure I played like absolute garbage, last game made a horrific river bluff that I should have never made. Fuck, people don't like folding sometimes do they? Profit for month now at 5.8k so it's all good. I'll have a few more days so we'll see what happens.

Just watched the packers fuck up against the bears. They misssed a last second field goal, i think it was 38 yards or some shit? So rigged. Vikes gonna blow playoff chances.

That's all I got.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rolling along

The last 3 days have been good to me. I've managed to chalk up another 1.3k in profit, and it seems I am rolling along nicely right now. I've had 9 consecutive winning days and am up 6.4k for month right now. This is really nice since on Tuesday I'll be out of state and no poker for this guy from Tue-Sat. It will be a nice break from the game anyways. When I get back I'll have enough time to achieve supernova and hopefully end 2008 with a bang. BANG! Like a machine gun kiddies.

The last game I played today I was sitting in a $230 and skilled_sox sat with me. This shocked me since he's usually a 1k, 2k, or 5k player. Looks like he's having a real shitty month so maybe that's why. Back and forth match, I thought I had him when we were all in on 348 all club flop I have 34 he has Q 10 with Q clubs. Obv no club just the standard turn 9 river J. Fuck!!! 10/20 blinds I'm still alive with about 300 and get lucky twice. First A10 beats his AK all in pre. Then I call minrasie with 96 flop 964 he has 94, lol nice, i obv double. I go retarded card dead in the 25/50 level and he kinda runs me over but I manage to make a few moves and stay in the game. 50/100 i double to 2200 after i call his pf jam with A2 and beat his J9. Very next hand I put him in for his last 800 with K8 he picks up AA and doubles back. Then a few hands later I call his jam for my 1200 with JJ and beat his Q9. Next hand i pick up 10 10 against A8 and finish him. phew. lol. Kinda fun.

The $230's have been awesome for me this month. There have been more than a couple days where I break about even in the $115's but do ridiculously good in the couple $230's I play to save my day. Short term variance in my favor obv, but it's kinda nice.
Here are my sharkscope stats for the $230's in Dec:

Games Played: 62
Avg Profit: $53.87
Avg ROI: 23%
Total Profit: $3,340

Here are my lifetime $230 stats on stars:

Games Played: 231
Avg Profit: $23.33
Avg ROI: 10%
Total Profit: $5,390

Obv very small sample size but if I had any doubt about being able to beat this level it is fading. I've ran super sick in my last 100 of them or so considering I was about even after my first 125 games. However I remember running super sick in a bad way those 125, now it's turning the other way. I'm still not 100% comfortable with the swings at that level so I'll probably keep my 20% of games being $230's system for now. I don't know why the jump from $100's to $200's seems so much more difficult for me pschologically. I had no problem jumping from $10's to $20's to $30's, to $50's, to $100's, but for some reason putting in substantial volume at the $200 level is tough for me to do. I think maybe it's the psychology of losing a grand. In the $100's I've lost a grand or more quite a few times, but it is still a rare occurance(maybe once a month, twice sometimes). It always makes me feel kinda sick to my stomach, to see that number in red ($1,000). However at the $200 level if you lose 4 straight you're already down $920. Obv it's just 4 buyins and can be won back the same day, but it's a psychological mindfuck for me. I'm not underolled for that level or anything either, I can easily handle the swings financially. Stuuuupppppppiiiiiidddddddd. I'll get over it once I get 500 or 600 games under my belt. Just gotta get a little more used to it.

Ummmmmm Vikings sucked it up today and lost. I can just sense it. Bears win on monday night then next week Vikes lose to Giants and Bears beat Texans and Vikes miss playoffs. It would be classic, standard, lay an egg, choke like a piece of shit Viking football. Hopefully Green Bay just does us a favor tomorrow cause I sure as hell don't want to depend on the Vikes beating the G-men. We'll see, hooolllllddddddd.

That's enough I'm done, thank you readers

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Possible big day doesn't happen

It seemed I was destined for a $1,000+ day today but then it kinda fell apart. I started out 3-1 in the $115's and 1-0 in a $230. I happened to see a donk sitting in a $345 so I took a shot at him and won that game. So, I was quickly up about $700 after just 6 games. I ended up only playing 9 more after that but went 3-6 in a combo of $115/$230's. I fired up a 9 man $114(first 9 man i've played this month, been staying away from them lately) and took 2nd(luckily had 10 J beat 10 10 all in pre for huge pot). Finshed day at +$400. I guess I can't complain about that, but the way it started thought I'd roll! Anyways, here is a somewhat interesting hand from the $345 game

PokerStars Game #23047255102: Tournament #127986098, $330+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Match Round I, Level III (25/50) - 2008/12/18 22:06:11 ET
Table '127986098 1' 2-max Seat #1 is the button
Seat 1: villain (760 in chips)
Seat 2: bartchalker (2240 in chips)
villain: posts small blind 25
bartchalker: posts big blind 50
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bartchalker [4d Qd]
villain: calls 25
bartchalker: checks
*** FLOP *** [Kc Kh 8h]
bartchalker: bets 85
villain: calls 85
*** TURN *** [Kc Kh 8h] [2c]
bartchalker: checks
villain: checks
*** RIVER *** [Kc Kh 8h 2c] [Ad]
bartchalker: checks
villain: bets 165
bartchalker: calls 165
*** SHOW DOWN ***
villain: shows [9d 6s] (a pair of Kings)
bartchalker: shows [4d Qd] (a pair of Kings - Ace+Queen kicker)
bartchalker collected 600 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 600 Rake 0
Board [Kc Kh 8h 2c Ad]
Seat 1: villain (button) (small blind) showed [9d 6s] and lost with a pair of Kings
Seat 2: bartchalker (big blind) showed [4d Qd] and won (600) with a pair of Kings

I lead out for 85 here with the Q high, I mean it could easily be the best hand, but more than anything villain had been letting me get away with stealing a lot of unraised pots. When he calls I figured him for the 8 or a flush draw, possibly the K, but he had been mini raising a good 50% of his hands from button so I figured he wouldn't limp with the K. The turn comes a blank, but I decide to give up on the pot. Villain checks behind, I still have him on about same range as on flop. He could bet his 8 or flush draw here but he also may check both those hands(he was sort of passive). River is an A no heart, I check figuring I'll win pot if he has flush draw but lose if he has the 8, I could fire out a bluff on the river, but I think villain calls me too much with the 8 to make it worthwhile in this circumstance. Villain makes a 165 bet into a 270 pot. I would expect him to call that flop with A high and Value bet river when he hits his A but i'm very sure with how much he was raising, an A would have been raised preflop. It's possible he could have had the 8 and checked behind with it on the turn, but no way he value bets an 8 on the river. I put him on a busted flush draw and make the hero call and take the pot. Turns out he floated the flop, obv having enough of me stealing unraised pots from him. If villain bets 165 on turn after I check i would have given him credit for a hand and folded. His river bet however made no sense and with the reads I had on him from previous hands was able to make the call.

Villain was down to 460 after this hand but he made a comeback and with about even stacks i beat him in the 75/150 level when my A5 beat his K 10 all in pre.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed that hand, I haven't posted many hands on my blog, maybe I'll get a little more into doing that in the future. Not much else to say except have a good night.

Buh bye

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update yo

Today was a day of ups and downs for sure, but when all was said and done I managed to grind out a $400 profit. SHIP!!!!! I'm pretty proud of how I've been playing lately. I feel I've been on top of my game. The games/days when things didn't go my way I was able to kinda just laugh it off. Whether it's a barage of bad beats, getting smoked by a cold deck, or just being stone cold card dead, I haven't let any of that bother me and just keep playing my A game. I made the decision a day or two ago that if someone starts typing stupid shit in the chat box, to instantly put them on ignore. No need to reply and play that stupid game. No need to even see what they are typing at all if it's just going to annoy me. No need to see them throw a chat box hissy fit after losing a game. Just straight up iggy, its working nice. Concentrate on the game, and that's it. Sometimes I can get a kick out of the shit people type, but more often than not, the crybaby whining just annoys me.

I am only 4,750 vpp's away from hitting supernova, so I have to make sure I get that. That would really suck to miss it now. I could have hit it like 6 months ago if I'd played straight pstars the whole year, damn full tilt. Considering the 5 day period over xmas i won't be playing any poker, I have about 10 days to hit it, so it should not be a problem. If push comes to shove I can always take a few shots in the $500's to get the points. I've taken a shot at the $570 turbo's 3 times in my career and am 2-1. I remember the first shot I took like that was on Full Tilt and Nordberg(Peter Feldman) sat and played me. He absolutely destroyed me, lol. I remember I was so fucking pissed. That was a while back, I was still a little raw. I've gone 2-0 since then though!!

Meh, I don't have much else to type so I guess that's all for today.

You're pal,


Monday, December 15, 2008

Halfway point of month, 2008 coming to end

There's my chart for Dec 1 through the 15th. I am very happy with the way this month has gone in the first half. Below are my ss stats for this period:

Games Played: 250
Av. Profit: $17.11
Av. Stake: $127
Av. ROI: 11%
Total Profit: $4,278

I've had some success in the $230's this month which has been a big help. Of the 250 games played 42 of them were $230's. I've been able to pull off a 26-16 record which is about 62%. It feels kinda nice to run a little above expectation. I can deal with that for sure. I've been trying to play about 20% of my HU games at the $230 level. Ease myself into them. I really like this system right now since I'm not comfortable with the swings at that level yet. This way I don't have to worry about losing like 5 or 6 of them in a row, one after the other. Just sneak one in there every 5th game or so.

There is no way I will make 650 games this month. I'm already off pace for that, plus I won't be playing for about a 5 day period around xmas. If I can finish the month with around 450-500 games played that will be fine.

2008 is almost over and poker wise I am excited for 2009 to start. I'm ready for a fresh start and see what I can do with a year of pro experience under my belt. My original goal for 2008 was 40k, and as of right now I'm at about 68.7k in profit. Hopefully no downswing to end year, and I can finish 70k+. I remember making that 40k goal and thinking maybe I could hit 50K if I really put my mind to it. I don't think I ever thought I'd hit over 70k so it is def something to be proud of and I'm very thrilled about it. I've already kind of made an early(and perhaps optimistic?) goal for 100k for 2009. If I can manage to grind out 625 games/month and play about 25% at the $230 and the other 75% in the $115 I think this is a realistic goal when I count in the fpp rakeback i can get as a supernova. I guess the hardest part for me is the volume. It's alot of games when 1 tabling. I may try to do a little more 2 tabling, I'm not sure. It would probably increase my $/hr but I feel very comfortable playing 1 game at a time and feel I play very well(most of the time) when doing this. I'll have to be careful about forcing myself to play when I don't feel like it. It just leads to bad decision making and can wear down your mind. Can lead to getting burnt out from the game. I guess we'll see what happens.

Sportsbets didn't go as good this week as last week. I had about 6 or 7 different bets out. Avg bet was probably about $20. Giants not upsetting Dallas hurt my chances. When I saw Dallas was a 3 pt fav I thought no way. I thought for sure Giants would win outright. Wrong wrong wrong. Lost about $40 total. Vikings looked very good. I can smell that division title!

That's all for now, thanks to anyone reading

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not complaining

Well, as of right now I'm at about +3.1k for the month. Pretty much all of that came from 3 days of play where i made over 1k each day. If you take out those 3 days I'm down money the 10 days of the month. It's not like it really matters, profit is profit no matter how you get it, but it does make it a little extra stressful too have a lot of big winning/losing days.

It seems over the last like month or two I've had more people slowroll me or berate me in the chatbox then ever before, lol. I have heard such timeless classics as:

"Get aids and die you fucking luckbox"

"I hope you die in a car accident"

"You fucking lucky donkey douchebag"

"OMG, u play like such fucking garbage"

Haha, it's always kinda funny to me when people type this kind of crap in the chatbox. I mean I have had moments where I've been frustrated and typed something(I really try to avoid this, it's pretty childish). However my insults are always limited to typing something sarcastic in like "wow, well played", or "One thing u got going for u is you'll never get pushed off the best hand". Maybe in my worst moment i've called someone an idiot or something. I've never wished death or aids upon anyone though, lol. I guess it just kinda cracks me up, I guess it makes people feel better to type that stuff in. I was watching a game that whaasssupppp(not sure how many of each letter) was playing about a month or 2 back and whasup won and the other guy told him he hoped he died then later said he was going to stab him in the heart and anus. Stab you in the heart and anus? That comment had me rolling. No point really in typing this, just have noticed more of it lately than normal, kinda wierd. Obv when someone berates ur play or calls u a bad player/donk/luckbox etc it's someone with a -20% roi a good 90% of the time. Good times.

Speaking of donks, here's a hand that a superdonk owned me in, lol. Obv he had some kinda sixth sense as to what cards were coming, lol. This is when i wish pokerstars had the rematch feature like ftp.

PokerStars Game #22872133540: Tournament #126717709, $110+$5 Hold'em No
Limit - Match Round I, Level I (10/20) - 2008/12/13 4:18:27 ET
Table '126717709 1' 2-max Seat #1 is the button
Seat 1: villain (1540 in chips)
Seat 2: bartchalker (1460 in chips)
villain: posts small blind 10
bartchalker: posts big blind 20
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bartchalker [9c Ac]
villain: raises 20 to 40
bartchalker: calls 20
*** FLOP *** [7h 9h 2c]
bartchalker: checks
villain: bets 100
bartchalker: raises 200 to 300
villain: calls 200
*** TURN *** [7h 9h 2c] [4c]
bartchalker: bets 480
villain: calls 480
*** RIVER *** [7h 9h 2c 4c] [8d]
bartchalker: bets 640 and is all-in
villain: calls 640
*** SHOW DOWN ***
bartchalker: shows [9c Ac] (a pair of Nines)
villain: shows [4h 8c] (two pair, Eights and Fours)
villain collected 2920 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 2920 Rake 0
Board [7h 9h 2c 4c 8d]
Seat 1: villain (button) (small blind) showed [4h 8c] and won (2920) with two pair, Eights and Fours
Seat 2: bartchalker (big blind) showed [9c Ac] and lost with a pair of Nines

I think I stared at the screen with my mouth hanging open for like 5 min after this hand ended. The match was only a couple min in and I already knew he was a retard. I think he caught me bluffing in a small pot earlier so I was getting no credit i guess. i expected him to flip up like J7, or K2, or 8 10 or fold his busted flush draw. If he had me beat I figured it'd be like 10 J or 78 or somthing. But nope 48. Def not complaining about this, just sharing it for laughs. I wish there were more players like this. Please suh, I'd like some more.

Vikings at Cardinals. This will not be an easy win for the Vikings at all. It's hard to know what to expect especially with Jackson getting the start at QB. However I think that the Vikings will step up in this game. Also that fact the cards just come off a division clinching win maybe they won't play up to par.

Vikings 23 Cardinals 14

Ok I'll update again at the halfway point of the month. Till then!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I was hoping I could avoid back to back losing days after losing $330 on Monday, but it didn't happen. Yesterday I dropped $760 and it was kind of annoying, but I can't complain that much about it since I've been pretty hot this month. I was pretty tired the last 5 or so games I played and really shouldn't have been playing. In the last game I ran some really retarded bluff on some donkey who was not in the mood to fold anything, and I should have realized that. After that game I decided it was enough and quit playing. I'm still up like 2.2k for the month, so still in good shape. Hopefully can get back on the winning track today..........

Monday, December 8, 2008

hey hey hey

Oh, mannn i'm off to a pretty nice start this month and am super happy about it. Wasn't sure if I was gonna play on Sunday, but ended up putting in a small session and finished ahead about a grand. pretty sweet for only playing 10 games, went 5-1 in the 230's so that's only building my confidence. Lost some back today finished down around $300 but i really can't complain. On Sunday I ran good in some of my games I was almost feeling guilty(not for real though). Q 10 against QK on Q high flop getting all in spiking 10 on turn. Blinds get to 75/150 level in one game pick up AA vs A9. All my semibluffs were hitting and all theirs were missing, really quite ridiculous but I'll take it. Up about an even 3k for dec now, niiiiccceeeeee.

When I first started this blog I wasn't sure what to expect or if I'd keep up with it, but I actually find I like typing in it 2 or 3 times a week. I was looking through Hokie's blog and saw he made some entries a little while back where he went back and kinda critiqued some of the entries he had made over the prior months or whatever and I thought it was really cool to be able to go back and see how you have changed as a player. It makes me wish I had started this earlier. It would have been pretty cool to look back on entries when I was playing the $10 HU and stuff. Just a thought. Hokie has been updating his blog alot lately and I'm happy he's doing it, I've been a reader of his blog for quite a while and have always enjoyed it(if u read this hokie u got a sweeettt blog, keep them updates a comin).

In other news, I really fucked up my sleeping pattern yesterday(slept in way way way way way too late because i stayed up way way way way too late). So now it's like 1:30 AM and i'm not even close to being tired. I'll probably start feeling tired about 9:00 am so that sucks. If i hit the sack at that time I'll wake up bright and early at about 4:00 or 5:00 pm, lol. Then I feel like a worthless POS. So I'm going to nip this in the ass now and stay up till nighttime at least. Like once a month I get on some stupid ass shitty sleeping pattern and it's best just to try end it right away. I feel like it's maybe something alot of players struggle with, I don't know.

Oh yeah I forgot to type it earlier but that + $1,000 made it my 3rd $1,000+ day in the last 4 which I don't think I've done before. Kind of a new record i guess. I am on pace to break my monthly record which is 9.1k. I will not even get excited about it until it happens though. There was a month(can't remember what one, sept maybe?) where on the 18th i was up 11k and had already broken the 9.1k record and was all happy about doing it. Guess what? I ended that month + 7.5k. went on a over 3.5k downswing in the last 12 days of that month. Never again will I assume anything in this crazy game.

Oh shit I owned my sportsbets on Sunday too. Finished ahead like $125. I picked 49ers in straight upset over Jets and nailed it. Made a 2 team parlay on Eagles over Gianst & Titans over packers, both having to win straight up. that one payed 9 to 1. couple other ones, they worked out nice. Pretty soon I'll have to call myself professional poker player/sportsbetter(just kidding obv).

Ok that's enough, see ya later peeps.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nailed it

Just a quick update.....yesterday=awesome day. Going 4-0 in the $230's was a big part of it. I ended up finishing + $1,420. So, I consider that a pretty sweet day and was pretty pumped about it. Puts me up around 2.2k for month now, not a bad start at all. Not sure if I'll be playing today or not, I'll have to see if I'm feeling up for it later.

Buh bye

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Have not got much playing in at all the last 2 days, I bought a new laptop for my gf(early xmas present). Bought it on Thurs and were having some problems getting the wireless internet going on it, luckily I have a buddy who's pretty good with that kinda stuff and he got it going yesterday. So the laptap is a big reason for the small amount of playing the last 2 days, but I also had time thurs & Fri nights but decided to go have some beers instead(I never play after I've been drinking, just asking for trouble in my opinion). The laptop will also be a nice backup in case something goes wrong with our other computer(4 yrs old). At least I'll have something to play on and still make money.

I played absolutely none on thurs but did manage to play about 15 games Fri and finished down about $200, which I was actually pretty happy with considering i started by losing my first 5 in a row and 8 of my first 10. I finished with 5 straights W's which was a nice recovery. I will try to play around 25-30 games today, we'll see. Dec profit is at $800.

This Vikings game against the 0-12 lions is just screaming trap game to me. This is just the type of game the Vikings would lose too. I think it was back in 2001 the lions were 0-12 and the vikes gave them their first win. Then there was the season opener against the panthers a few years back(can't remember what yr) where we lost to give the panthers their only win of the season(they lost 15 in a row after that). No matter though I think the Vikes will win this game.

Prediction: Vikings 31 Lions 24

I got a pair of sports bets as of now( might add one or two before sunday)

Miami(even) at Buffalo

Dallas at Pittsburgh(-3)

$20 on each one to win $19.05 or something

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back on track

I've made a nice, quick turnaround from the first day of the month. I made about $650 on Tuesday then came right back on Wed and finished ahead about $1,200. So that puts me up about an even grand for Dec so that's some goooooot news. I ran very well on Wed which was a nice turnaround from about the last week or so, but I thought I played exceptionally well in almost all my games and made very few mistakes, played my oppenents very well, all that good stuff. I want to play that kinda game every day this whole month. I'm gonna keep this short, I'm kinda a tired little boy right now. Good night biatches.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Not a good start to month

Well I got raped at the tables today. Not a good start for the month at all. Finished day down $810, played 25 games going 10-10 in the 115's but 1-4 in the fucking $230's, so that's about the story there. I was actually down over $1,200 before winning my last 3. The last one was against some retard he started open shoving at the 15/30 level and I finally picked up a hand (A8) at the 25/50 level and beat his A5 all in preflop. Jesus is there a more frustrating thing then having the donk open shoving every hand and all you see is 83, J2, 49, 57, Q4. Obv I'd play these guys all day every day if I could but oh is it ever frustrating at times, lol. I also experienced what may be the most brutal cooler ever. I raised 10 10 from big blind flop comes 6 6 10 anyone guess what my oppenent has?? If you said 66 you win a fucking cookie. When he raised the river I was all like prepare to get stacked mf then bam!!! Oh well that happens I guess. Then I obv lost every fucking coinflip, whether it was pair vs 2 overs preflop or top pair vs mid pair+flush draw on flop, anything ahhhhhhhhhhh.

I'm actually down over my last 7 days of playing now which is probably why today seemed to suck a little extra. Today was also the first time I've ever lost a significant amount on the first day of a month, I always have started strong, my worst first day of the month was just a $50 loss, another reason maybe this felt a little extra frustrating. Not to mention that Oct & Nov were both below Avg months. Frustrating is def the word of the day for today lol. I'll recover, I always do. This game has given me far worse psychological beatings then this and I've bounced back from them so this will be no problem. Sometimes when things seem they are going downhill I'll rip off back to back $1,000 days so maybe something like that will happen.

Hey, I was super close on my Vikes bears prediction, my margin of victory was right on. I ended up pocketing a cool $5 after all was said and done on my sportsbets. Ship it!!!!

It felt kinda good to type this shit. Thanks mr blog.