Thursday, July 30, 2009

Poker going good+up yours Chisox

HAHA, Twins finished off a 3 game sweep of the dirty chisox last night and are now creeping up on 1st place in the central. I have to say that Buehrle was quite impressive in the fact that the start after throwing a perfect game he went out on Tue and brought a perfect game into the 6th inning before the Twins broke it up. He set a new record with 45 straight batters retired or something. I can respect that I suppose. I wonder if the Tigers can feel the Twins breathing down their necks yet?

So, I am on a zany lil sleep schedule the last 2 days so I'm up right now at like 4:00 AM and kinda feeling like doing some grinding and I see that both Pokerstars and Full Tilt have maintenance at the same time. Come on. Now what am I gonna do, maybe find a fucking slap chop infomercial and watch it? Stop having a boring life, stop having a boring tuna.........ship it.

The last 2 days have been a little annoying pokerwise. I've still managed to scrape together about $500 in profit, but I've had very nice starts each day only to see it come crashing down a bit towards the end. If that's the most I have to complain about I'm doing pretty good though. I definitely can't complain about profit. It is looking like this will end up being my 2nd best month ever so I am very happy about that. I also noticed that i'm only a couple grand away from matching my profit from 2008 and I still have 5 months left in 2009. I smashed my 40k goal in 08 by making 74k, so hopefully I can smash my 100k 2009 goal also, although I highly doubt I will "smash" that goal it is looking highly likely that I will beat it by a decent amount. It has been a pretty successful 2009 thus far.

I will update at the end of the month with my final July #'s.

This is bartchalker, signing off.........bitches.

July Profit - about 15k, give or take a few $$$$

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I had another pretty big day on Wed finishing + 2.4k. Yesterday was a bit of a struggle as I went back and forth the whole day before ending it with a string of losses on Full Tilt against a pretty bad player. I think he beat my like 5 of 6 or something. He had an ROI of like -2% and I really do not understand how it wasn't much much worse than that. I kinda berated him a bit in the chatbox towards the later matches which I hardly ever do, but got kinda frustrated. I think it was actually making him play even worse though, so maybe it wasn't that bad of an idea. Is there anything wrong with berating somebody if you know it'll make them play worse? I guess it would kinda be an asshole move, but there is nothing really illegal about it. I know when I watch adonis/livb play he seems to always be berating/talking shit to players and I wonder if it doesn't make them play just a bit worse against him. Not that I'm gonna start doing it or anything, just got me thinking.

I'm kinda getting to the point now where I'm used to losing 1k+ on a bad day. I don't think the swings of the 230/345 really bother me much anymore unless I drop like 2.5k in a day or something. The only thing that really bothers me is the actual losing of the matches. Losing sucks. I probably don't get much more angry about losing 4 straight 345's as I do from losing 4 straight 115's. It's just the losing that kinda irks me. However it's easier to deal with losing 1k when you're already up 14k on the's hard to get to pissed.

I sat a 570 the other day and caught a fish. He wore me down to 800 pretty quickly but I rebounded to 1200 the doubled up when I limp called a minraise at 15/30 with J6 and hit a J69 flop. He had 10 7 and did the ole bet/call my raise, then bet turn/call my shove and I doubled. It's nice when they make it so easy! I'm now 6-1 in the 570 which is pretty fucking awesome.

I'm hoping today to get out of my my 2 day losing funk(lost the grand yesterday and about $200 the day before) if I decide to play. I'll try not to slack on my play the last week of this month. We'll see what happens!

July Profit - + $13,071

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wrecking July+new daily profit record

Yesterday I completely destroyed peeps, going 21-5 in HU which was good for +$3,226 besting my previous best day of $3,036. I was outplaying my opponents rather consistently and also won a few games I had no business winning by being a complete luckbox. Not gonna apologize for it though. It was my time to shine I guess. I also managed to rip off a 13 match winning steak which is an amazing feeling. I think my best is 15 so I had a shot but couldn't come through. It's like a drug to run that good, you just want more.

I've continued my hot run into today with an 11-5 record so far. Not gonna slow down fuckers.

I noticed my star on sharkscope turned into a gold star. I came shortly thereafter. ......OK not really but it was kinda cool to see. I got up to #5 in the $101-$300 HU leaderboard. Now that I am mixing in some games on Full Tilt not sure if I'll be able to keep it up there....prob not. Not a big deal though. I'm not a glory hound.

I made an entry awhile back about MN trying to block the ISP's to gaming case you didn't know they dropped that retarded thing about a month back. Jesus, mind your own business gov't. At least they realized they weren't going to get anything done and stopped. Fucking nazi dicks.

I find it absolutely amazing that Phil Ivey was able to not only win 2 bracelets at the WSOP but also FT the 10K ME. I think he's a bot. I hope he wins it. I wish I had the stomach to play tournies but I just hate the variance of them. I bet taking down a big MTT is one of the best feelings in poker, even if it's not for hundreds of thousands.

I am playing some above the rim poker right now so my goal for the rest of the month is to try to keep it going as long as possible. I'll also keep my fingers crossed that I don't run into some crappy bad variance.

July Profit - +$12,152

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was getting a little frustrated with HU today, down only $200 though, but decided to switch it up for a bit and 6 table some other random SNG's. I played 3 single table SNG's and 3 18 person sng's and went 0 for 6 in cashing. Ran QQ into AA, ran QQ into KK, lost JJ to A10 pre, lost AQ to AJ on A48 board, couldn't win a flip.......ARGHHHHHHHH I'M GONNA SNAP.

No more of that shit, how the fuck do people play 16 of those SNG's at once?? I thought my fucking head was gonna explode just doing 6 of them. So much for my mini foray into 6 tabling SNG's. How do you go 0 for 6??? It was only like $300 in buy ins, but oh my god it kinda tilted me.

Down about 500 today, but still up about 6500 for month, so still in pretty good shape. I'm feeling kinda tired/frustrated, prob gonna take the rest of the day off. I will def be in bed by 8 tonight. I will come back strong next time I play.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PPA poker petition

Anyone who plays poker or who just wants the gov't to stay out of your business should sign this. If you play poker with any degree of seriousness put your signature on it, there is no excuse not to do so. It's basically all done for you, so don't be lazy. I'm sure many of you have already signed it. It's up to over 300,000 signatures and will be presented to President Obama on July 22.

For more info on what this is exactly read here:


It's pretty much the halfway point of the month and I am happy with my results thus far. The 12th was a big day for me at +2300, but other than that it's been about breakeven for me since my last post. Today was a bit frustrating as I put in a pretty good chunk of volume but still ended up down about $500. I lost like 1800 on stars but ran hot on Full Tilt going 8-1 in the 230 there. Early this morning I totally crushed this dude in 5 straight games. Fucking's amazing watching someone transform from a weak tight fish into an uber aggressive SOB as the games go on. Apparently Full Tilt tracking on sharkscope is not back to 100% coverage like they said. They missed 4 of my games today. All wins obviously. I played badly in one or two games towards the end of my day. Kinda dissapointing. I got a little burnt out I think. One was in a 9 person SNG where I went broke with QQ on a AKx flop......ugh, don't even ask. Not my most glorious moment. Then some -20% -$12,000 fish mocks me and the fact that I'm a supernova, lol. I obv must lose alot of money. Fuck off POS donk. Just kidding. Just please keep playing poker.

I also played 2 games in the $570 since the other lobbies were jammed I figured why not? Some mega bad player sat me.....he beat me the first game. In the 2nd game I beat him but needed 66 to beat 77 all in pre at 50/100 to do it. Phew. He declined after that. I woulda played him all night if I had the chance, or until i dropped 4 or 5 buy ins because being down 2500 may tilt me. Woulda been tough to do that against that guy though. 5-1 in the 570 this month.

In the 2nd half of the month I'm looking to just keep playing good poker and hopefully play another 300 games or so to reach my 600 goal. Hopefully the profits come along with that.

July Profit - +$7,017

Friday, July 10, 2009

on track for a strong month

I ended up not playing any poker on Friday at all.....took the day off and went to the Twins game and watched them beat the Chixox 6-4. Danks walked the first 4 batters he faced in the game. Twins ended up scoring 4 in the 1st. I don't think I've ever seen a pitcher walk the first 4 batters he faced.

I am playing some really good poker right now. The last 3 days I played were all 1k+ days. It's an amazing cure for poker frustration. Early into my playing on Thu I even flipped for stacks 3 straight games and won each time.....holy shit, call security, something is wrong here. That doesn't happen!!!! But even when I'm not just getting it in preflop and winning flips I truly am playing pretty damn good. Keep it up!

I've played 183 HU games this month so I think that puts me a little off pace for my 600 goal, but still time to make up for it. I'm 21-17 in the 345 this month which is great after dropping 6k in that game last month. I've also taken 3 shots in the 570 and am 3-0.....take shots and run good, that's how I roll.

My goal the rest of the month is to still get 600 HU games in but only if I'm sure I'll be playing my A game or at least somewhere close to it.

July Profit - $4,816

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I was off to such a sweet start by the 4th but in the 2 days to follow the 4th i dropped the 2600 i was ahead and it was ridiculous, prob wasn't playing all that great but oh man the beats! I coulda had nightmares, nothing I did those 2 days worked, absolutely nothing.

However it appears the poker gods decided to stop torturing me after that and I'm back in the winning column and +2.8k so I'll take that but I could do without these fucking swings, it's gonna give me a stroke or something. Frustrating.

I'm getting in some pretty decent volume so far this month and I'll try to keep that up and hopefully the profits will just take care of themselves. They always do I guess.

Nothing else to say.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fast start to July

July has started with a nice bang for me. I lost $575 on the 1st but since then it's been nothing but goodness. Yummy goodness. Yesterday was a big +1900 day and today I put in a little mini session of 5 games and went 4-1. Now it's time to get my 4th of July on.

The last few days of June as well as these first 4 days of July I've been playing my A game again. I haven't been running like shit and I'm back to making good decisions. I think I got a little off my game for a week or 2 in June. I was just getting too frustrated with the game and how nothing was working. I guess over the course of a year you'll have a few weeks like that though, no biggie I guess.

Looking for a big month...........

Everybody have a good Independence Day. Later!

July Profit - $2,640.00

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New month, halfway through 2009

It feels good to put June behind me, I don't think I've ever got so stressed out during a month of poker. It started off badly and I was quickly down a few grand, but I went on a nice run before my 5 day vacation to Vegas to get back to even. After coming back from Vegas it was so back and forth for about 10 days. If I won 1500 one day, I'd lose 1300 the next day. I was running badly, and even worse I was playing nowhere near my A game and it hurt me in some spots. However, during the last week of the month I felt like I was back on my game. 3 of the last 4 days have been 1k+ and I am happy with where I ended up after a bad first 3 weeks. Below are my June #'s.....

Heads Up - $3,975.50
Other SNG - $114.50
Rakeback/Bonuses - $1,175.00

Total June Profit - $5,265.00

It's my worst month this year but I am 100% happy with it considering my shit start and the 8 total days this month I did not play at all.

I played 460 HU games this month just 15 short of the 475 goal I set before the month started.
I went 199-135 in the $230 good for 10.7k, however in the $345 nothing would go right and I went 25-40, good for a 6k loss. It was so frustrating that it seemed every time I played a 345 I would lose. If I could have just broken even in those games I would have finished +10k. I broke about even in the 115 with a 28-26 record, and I also took 7 shots in the 570 going 3-4.

I also played 36 games on Full Tilt this month, even though I didn't think I'd really ever be playing there again. They gave me a $100 bonus and I figured working it off would be equivalent to 41% rakeback, so it got me playing there again......crafty bastards. I had good success those games I played though making about 1.4k. I think I may begin playing on Full Tilt again now. When the games get packed on stars I can just move over to Full Tilt and find a game. Also when running bad on one site, it's kinda nice to just look at a little different layout for a little while. I'll still be playing the vast majority of my games on stars, just not all of them. I like pokerstars players club way better then Full Tilt, but whether I play a few games on FT or not I'm going to end up with about 300k-375k VPP's on Stars regardless, which will still be good for the 2k & 3k VPP bonuses anyway......+ I still get 27% rakeback on FT, so it's prob worth playing some there instead of staring at my computer screen waiting for a lobby to open up on stars.

It's also the halfway point of the year........and I'm happy to see I am on pace to make my 100k goal I set at the beginning of the year. +57.7K, so on pace for about 115k......I'd love to see it happen.

I'm going to try to get in 600 HU games this month and hopefully end with 10k profits.

Below are my Pokerstars & Full Tilt graphs for June(Stars is off a few hundred)

Also here is a my graph for lifetime 345 which made me feel kinda sick when I looked.....ouch.

Good luck grinders.....