Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poker month March=over

I'm done playing for March. I'm still steaming a bit right now because of the way my day ended today. So shitty, for real. I started out so hot by going 8-2 in my first 10 matches(all of which were 230's BTW). I went 3-2 in my next five games after that. Then it all ended in a pathetic, kick me in the balls, whimper. In my last 14 games I went a wretched 2-12 in a combo of 115/230. JEEEEEEEZ. Finished the day down $374 after being up around 1.4k. I just love these cocky ass pricks who draw out after making some retard play for god knows what reason then talk shit. They talk shit like their fucking degen ass isn't going to give that $ back + some anyways. I swear some of these morons get off on typing stupid shit after they win, lol. I feel like they go into the hand replayer and fucking jerk it while watching the replay of their suckout over and over. Meh whatever makes them feel good I guess. Who am I to judge. In my first few matches I did lay 2 pretty good beats down on the same opponent in 2 seperate matches, so I have to remember those also, not just the bad ones, haha. Holy fuck though I feel like those 12 losses I took in my last 14 I didn't win more than 15 hands combined. So sick. So so sick.

Ok enough crying, the month turned out to be a hell of a success considering I was up only $800 on the 16th. Here are my final March #'s

Heads Up SNG - $5,946.75
Misc SNG - $286.10
MTT's - ($109.00)
FPP Rakeback - $860.00

Total March Profit - $6,983.85

Below are 2 charts. The first chart is my chart for today(3/31), the 2nd is my March chart(which is about $600 to low from some chops and playing 3 games on FT going 2-1)

I finished up about 6.2k in 2nd half of March which is quite awesome considering I told myself I'd be happy with a 4k month and ended up about 3k above that.

I'm really hoping that in April I can bust out for a 10k month. It would be nice. My volume goal each month for HU is usually 625 of $100 and up. In April & May I'm hoping to get 750 each month because I will be in Vegas for a 5 night vacation in June so prob will not play for about a week in June. I would like to make up for it in advance by playing some extra games. It's gonna be my GF, my Mom, my Bro, and myself going on the trip. It will be my Mom's first time in Las Vegas, so I think she's excited to see it for the first time. I'm looking forward to just taking it easy, watching some shows, pigging out at a few buffets, and doing some gambling. Will probably play some $1/$2 NL, maybe try some $2/$4. I prob won't be taking it 100% serious and will def be enjoying some free drinks, so I'm not expecting to win huge or anything. I'll also obv have to play some -EV games like blackjack, roulette, whatever looks like fun. I think I almost have to drink to deal with the avg know it all player in a $1/$2 game who actually has no fucking clue what he is doing. Same with blackjack, I absolutely cannot stand people who sit and play blackjack and piss and moan about losing like they expect anything different. BLACKJACK IS A -EV GAME UNLESS YOU COUNT CARDS MORON. Even if using 100% perfect basic strategy and playing with the best rules for the player the house will still have a .5% edge longterm. And most of these whining fools play nowhere near perfect basic strategy. They are usually the people who get mad when someone takes the dealers bust card by hitting a hand they shoudn't have. As if that person doesn't have just a good shot taking the card that woulda made the dealer 21, it's so stupid. And even if it does take the dealers bust card, are you going to thank that player for the blackjack you get dealt 9 hands later?? After all it wouldn't have happened if that idiot hadn't taken the dealers bust card 9 hands earlier, lol. Ok, that's it for that rant, I could go on forever about that shit. I'll get into it in deeper detail in a later post maybe, haha.

Playing 750 games for each of those 2 months is prob gonna be tougher than I think, especially with the distraction of the Twins playing almost every night starting Apr 6. We'll see what happens though, hopefully I can at least come close.

So long March, let's see a successful April please!!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Month winding down

This month is quickly coming to an end and things are going pretty good on the poker front. I was actually pretty lazy with my poker playing on Wed, Thurs, Fri and only got a total of about 30 games in combined those 3 days and lost somewhere around 1.2k altogether. Shitty. Today I have grinded pretty hard and have put together a 25-13 record in the 115/230. I was also able to make $215 in FPP rakeback(what!!) which helped boost my profit for the day over 1.8k. So I guess you could say it was a good day. I was trying to get it to 2k but had to stop myself cause I played like trash my last 3 games. GG. I'm done for the day. I'm tired and will prob be in bed before 10 tonight. Exciting Sat night I know. My sleeping pattern is fucked once again. GRRRRRRR.

I am so damn ready for the MLB season to start.......no football or baseball makes me an angry bartchalker!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone out there explain to me how Jennifer Tilly is 50 yrs old?? I saw here on Poker after Dark the other night and was just reminded of this fact. Does she not look like she's fucking 28??

I'm too tired to type anything more.

March Profit - $6,402.85

Monday, March 23, 2009


The last week or so has been an incredible poker week. I think it's turned out to be a 4k week or so. Yesterday I played some decent volume and went 16-10 overall for a $800 profit or so. Today I'm down $290 so I'm in slight danger of finishing the day in the red. I took a shot in a $570 today for the first time in some months. It was against some guy with a -8% roi and pretty bad. I obv was cardead as shit and the dude could not be bluffed. So I obv bluff off my stack at 50/100 on the river. Ugh. That's why it's called taking a shot though. It doesn't bother me though as I know I was +EV in the match. I am def not going to make a habit of playing that level obv, but if I see some good opportunities I def have the bankroll to play a few.

I will say that I am no longer feeling any nervousness whatsoever about playing the $230's like I was a couple months ago. Still, I never thought the higher buyin ever made me play any worse through being scared/nervous, but now I know 100% it's not. This month I have played 36% of my total HU games at the $230/$345. The vast majority of that 36% being the 230, only about 7 or so games in the 345. There have even been a few times 10 min into the match where I'm suddenly like "is this a 100 or 200?", which basically shows the higher buyin is having no effect on me mentally. Most of the time I just join whichever game has the open lobby and don't pay much attention I guess.

My FPP rakeback is not doing much for me this month so far as I'm just 2/11 in the 10 man qualifiers for Sunday Mil. Annoying is a word that sums that part of my poker month up nicely.

Somebody told me I have a shitty blog after I beat him. He obv pisses and moans when his A10 loses a preflop all in to my KQ at 50/100 like he was some kinda lock in that hand or something. What is it like 55%? Simmer dude, some days the poker gods love you, the next day they will stick their balls in your cereal.

That seems an appropriate way to end this entry. Adios!!!!

March profit - $4,941.85

Saturday, March 21, 2009

boogie woogie woo BOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to get this bitch turned around huh??!! I am recovering from my wicked 30 hr 4k downswing from 5 or 6 days ago pretty nicely people. The last 4 days have been pretty decent and I've made 1.4k. I have really been playing my A+++ game in about 95% of my matches. The other 5%? Maybe just my A game. It seems that sometimes downswings can be a good thing for me. Not financially obv, but for my play afterwards. Especially downswings where I tilt off a few buyins. It kind of just makes me realize that no matter how good you've been doing as of late not to get cocky or think it's easy. Your A game must be played at all times to compensate for the times when you run bad. You must maximize your win rate when you are running good in a match, and when you are running bad you must salvage as many matches as you can of those. The edge is to small to be cocky. I will say that it seems like it has been a few weeks since I've been playing this good. I just really like it. I swear the last 5 days I've been beating donks at a 90% rate, I love it.

OK, so March is about 2/3 of the way through and I am about +4.1k right now. This is awesome considering on the 15th I said I would be more than happy with a 4k month at that point. Obviously now I would not be as happy with a 4k month. I will take 6k, please. Thank you.

On a sidenote wanna know something that just kinda annoys me? When people so cleverly call pokerstars "jokerstars" after taking a bad beat/cooler/whatever. It's such a lame joke, jesus christ. Then they go on some "online poker is rigged" rant. I had a guy tell me a while back that online poker was rigged against players from Europe. Seriously?? Someone also told me once that whoever gets all in first preflop will win 90% of the time regardless of the cards. Which obviously made me question why they called my all in with their AK. The funniest part is the people who ramble off this nonsense play so badly all the time!!! It's just kind of hilarious to me how poker just seems to be one of those things people can't admit they are not good at. They come up with the craziest things.
OOKKKAAAYYYYYYY, I'm out. Have a good weekend everybody.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Hell of a day, +1.7k

Well, today was a great poker day. I was up around 7 AM and around 9 decided to do something I've been slacking off on this year. Exercise. I got 30 min in on the ole step machine then ran a mile on the treadmill. I really should start doing that more often, besides it just being a healthy thing to do, it really helps me play better poker. It just seems it helps me think more clearly, and also be able to play longer without getting burnt out. It also seems to help me not blow up so quickly about bad luck. I mean, what's 40 min/day?

Of course it's easy not to blow up on days like today. My first match I got in all in preflop on one of the first few hands with 10 10 smack into my oppenents KK, but went on to spike a 10 on the river to cripple my opponent. That dose of good fortune set the tone as I played well and ran well the whole day. I played a mixture of 115's and 230's and had a smoking 22-8 record. I also played in the HU shootout tonight and was felted in the first round. Fucking tourneys. However, that didn't matter much as I finish the day up a super solid $1,766. Ship ship ship. I really was in need to have a day like this, and hopefully I can destroy the rest of the month and salvage it, or better yet turn it into a decent month.

Heading to a Hollywood Undead concert on Wed, seems to have been forever since a concert hit this area that I've been interested to see. Should be pretty awesome. Also have a (hed) pe concert coming later this month and am pumped for that as they always put on a sweeeeeet show. Then Soil is playing with Dope in a month or so. Weeeeeeeee. Rock concerts are the nuts. Real rock, no pussy rock allowed.

Later g8rs

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mid month update, frustrations

Above is my sharkscope graph for the first half of March. It has been pretty frustrating the last week or so to say the least, as you can see above. The plummet from +4.2k to actually being in the red slightly was fast and furious. I had back to back day of losing more than a grand. Arghhh. I'm kinda mad at myself for playing badly in a few games. I guess it was a typical downsing though, with both bad luck and bad play.

Today seemed to be going promising at the start but soon fell apart. I was playing a mixture of 115 & 230's mainly. I went 11-11 in the 115's and 6-6 in the 230's. Can you say mediocre? I also played 3 $345's however going 2-1 which made up for the rake lost and a little extra as I finished the day up a whopping $55.

I feel like I had more to type but I am pretty damn tired right now. I went ahead and fucked up my sleeping pattern again by sleeping deep into the afternoon yesterday which caused me to not sleep last night. Now I'll have to battle to stay up until at least 8 or so to get back on a decent schedule. I don't know what it is, I'm fine with 6 or 7 hrs of sleep, and won't feel tired at all during the day if I get that much, but if I don't set an alarm I'll just sleep for like 10 or 12 hrs sometimes. It's ridiculous, haha.

Anyways I am confident I will get this month turned around in the second half. Right now I am up $800 for March. I will be more than happy with a 4k month at this point, hopefully I can bust out for another one of them 5k weeks though.

That is all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

100% owned/pwned/sucked it up

I must have jinxed the shit out of myself with my last post typing about my 14 straight winning days and shit. I got smoked today for -$1,400. Ouch. The worst part about it is I started the day out hot by winning 4 straight 220s. Then after that I played this complete retard 3 times!! He obv beat me all 3 and that was the beginning of the shittiness. I went from +$840 to -$1,400. That's like a 2.2k downswing in 30 games. No need to panic though, the month is only 1/3 of the way complete and I am still up 2k. I wish my first losing day of the month didn't have to be such a whopper of a bitch though, jesus. I'm pretty sure in my last 10 or so games I was slightly tilted and prob played a few hands like a donkey. Sigh. Time to get it going in the right direction again, starting tomorrow. Goot luck bartchalker. Bad luck villains. Fuck off negative variance.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm on my longest ever streak of winning days right now. Monday was my 14th winning day in a row. I have to say the consistency is kind of nice, at the same time a bit wierd not to have a losing day mixed in there. The last 3 of my last 4 days have been very slight winning days with days of +35, +55, and +238. I'll take them though. I think the +35 day I started out on a losing streak and was down a grand after like 40 min, lol. I've been playing mostly 110s the last 2 or so days. It seems everytime I go look in the 220 lobby a reg is already sitting. I'm so damn impatient with it to, I don't wait for it to open up I just go right down to a 110. Plus if i'm sitting in the 220 lobby and it takes more then 3 or 4 min to get action I get impatient and go play a 110, haha. I gotta work on that.

I noticed today that stars is starting to run a $109 HU shootout which is cool. I may have to give that a shot in the future. I try not to play tourneys too much because they are too crushing for me when I get deep and bust. Jeez, I remember back in the day when I was grinding the low stakes I'd randomly play a few tourneys with the hope of a big payday but would be so disapointed when I'd get deep and bust. I still remember the hand that pretty much made it clear that tourneys weren't for me. It musta been like 2 yrs ago or so(before I was playing full time). It was I believe a $24 touney on FT with maybe like 1500 players and I was down to the final 80 or so and picked up KK and 3bet the UTG raiser who had me covered and jammed 10 10. They spiked a 10 and busted me, I would have been chip leader. It was just devestating, I don't know if I've ever played a tourney again after that(with the exception of a few HU tourneys). I remember once I took down a $5 rebuy for like $500 and was elated, I don't think there is quite as good a feeling in poker as taking down a tourney, no matter the stakes. However, I really don't know how the tourney pros do it. I believe an roi of 100% is attainable in these things, but I would think the day to day frustration and the swings have got to fuck with your mind a bit. Especially the live tourney pros who might travel across the country(or to a different country) only to get busted in the first hour, ouch. Or to play for 3 or 4 days for 10 hrs a day(maybe more) only to bust out just short of the money. It's gotta take heart.

I ended up getting the opening day twins tickets(upper level cheap seats though, don't care that much) and am pumped for that. I think they have a shot to be something special this yr. I really wish they still had Santana though. Have Santana and Liriano as a 1-2 punch in a best of 5 or 7 playoff series would be hard for other teams to overcome. I also wish we still had Hunter roaming center field. Gomez was a good replacement last yr defensively but can't do what Hunter was able to do with the bat. He's got definite potential though.

All right, hoping to extend my consecutive winning days streak to 15!!! GL me.

March profit - 3.4k

Later pimps

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nice start to month

Feb ended with a bang in the last week, and the first week of March has started off with a bang also. Not quite to the extent of last month but good nonetheless. A +1k day on the 1st got me started off on the right track and I'm up about 2.6k on the month right now. I def cannot say I haven't run well, because I have. In all honesty I've prob ran better then I've played, but you'll have stretches like that.

I've only played one game today, and right now I am in the Minnesota Twins virtual waiting room trying to get tickets to the season opener. I've been waiting for 50 min now and I'm starting to get worried the seats we want won't be available. Tickets went on sale at noon and I was there about 10 secs after noon, so WTF.

Yesterday, for the first time in quite a while it seems, a player got disconnected against me. I did what I'm guessing 99% of people do. I blinded them out. It just got me thinking to times in the past when this has happened and my opponent reconnects with like 300 chips left and types a bunch of shit about being ethical, or calling me a variety of other names. That scenario has prob played out at least 15 times in the past. I understand that the other person is prob just frustrated and maybe thinks there is a chance I will give them their money back(which there is not). Is there really anyone out there who waits for their opponent to get back when they've disconnected? Fuck, especially on Stars where it takes for fucking ever to blind someone out. I mean honestly, you get a 60 sec timebank, then they add another 60 secs when you disconnect, then every hand they get like 15 secs, r u kidding me? It's the polar opposite of Full Tilt though, shit I remember playing on their and if u get disconnected for like 3 min in the 1st level a 3rd of your stack is gone. I think you have to blind people out when givin the chance to make up for the times when you yourself are blinded out. I've been disconnected a fair amount of times also, and lost many a buyin because of it, and have NEVER had an opponent wait for me. I may get angry, but not angry at the person who blinded me out, just angry at my damn internet connection, haha. I think it's just absurd to call somebody "cheap", "thief", or to type "wow, you are classy" sarcastically when they have blinded you out. Besides if I'm playing somebody(especially if I have a significant advantage/disadvantage) why would I wait for them to get back and start play at 50/100 and turn my significant edge into a small edge, or from the other end, turn my shot to win a free match against a more skilled player, into a slight disadvantage? I think most people, even the one's who type that it is wrong to blind someone out, will steal those chips as quickly as they possibly can whn given the opportunity. I know I do. It kind of sucks but it just comes with the territory when you play poker on the internet, you can disconnected, you can lose your buyin, deal wit it dawg!!

That was kinda a rant huh?

Now I've been waiting for over an hour for the tickets, sigh. Losing hope for lower level seating...........

Went and saw the watchmen movie last night. I thought it would have potential to bust into my top 5 movies of all time list, or at least top 10 but didn't even come close. It was a good movie, but not great in my opinion. I give it a B-. I think maybe people who were a fan of the comic book would prob get more enjoyment out of it. It's still worth seeing though. The naked blue guy prancing around with his junk hanging all over the place was a tad strange........

Gonna get some poker in today then catch the UFC fights. Holla Holla Holla