Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm having such a swingy month it's making me wanna puke. The day after my last post I had a great +2.2k day. I obviously followed that up the next day with a 1.2k loss. Today's been very swingy as well, but I've managed to bank about 550. I just want to stop getting fucked by the cards in every single game I play. I have tilted some also. Whenever the shit starts to pile on like this I get frustrated which inevitibly leads to me tilting. But I swear if I run a hand like AQ or AK into AA another time.......or if I have another AA, KK, QQ cracked by some shitty pocket pair after getting it in preflop I'm gonna have a fucking breakdown. Just annoying.

I still have a ton of confidence in my play, I just need to catch my next upswing. April & May were huge months for me, so I'll just have to take this subpar June in stride I guess. I'm up about 1.5k on the month. Hopefully no downswing these last 6 days.....I've never had a losing month before would hate to start now.

Gonna go catch the Twins and have some beer/wings :)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

.........and back in red, grrrr

I dropped around 2k yesterday bringing me back in the red for June. I'm down like $40, basically even. It's been a frustrating month as far as poker goes. It seems to be one giant mess of bad luck/bad play and this is what happens when shit goes down like that. Sometimes when I'm running bad I also think I'm playing bad when it's really not the case. It just feels like I'm getting outplayed sometimes when I just have to accept that some games just don't go your way and not much could have been done about it. There have been a handful of games however where I have tried to push to hard early in the match and gotten myself in trouble when there was no need for it. I've also made a few calls I kinda regret where I thought villain was bluffing.....but it's always easy to think it was a bad play after the cards are turned face up.

However looking at it optimistically, it's good to see I can run so shitty in June and still be's not like I'm down 5k or anything.

I'm going to the Twins/Astros game tonight and not sure if I'm even going to play any poker at all today. It might been time to take a mental break. If I play I'll prob stop myself after 10 or 15 games.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

back in black for June :)

I feel like this is the first time I've been in the black this month. The day after my last post I went ahead and dropped 1.1k, but today I'm up about $2,350, so you could say it's been a good day. It seems whenever I drink caribou coffee during a session I have a good session like 90% of the time.....coincidence or does coffee turn me into a poker machine? It prob helps improve alertness/attention. Maybe I should just start drinking caribou during every session, don't think I wanna get into that habit though.

I drove over to Caribou to get my iced mocha and after I ordered it I realized I forgot my wallet at home(bad beat). I was going to drive back home to retrieve it but was able to gather up $5 worth of change in my car(ship it!). I'm just an all around luckbox today I guess.

I started today by winning 10 of my first 11 games, and in my first session of 16 games when 13-3....I think that's good enough for the division and prob a 1st round

Why do some people type "sorry" after handing down a bad beat?? I mean what the fuck, are you really sorry? It's part of the game, don't type sorry. If you're really sorry send me my goddamn buy in back. I know I don't feel sorry in the least when I draw out on someone.

I bet $1 on Vanesso Rousso to win the WSOP ME so GO GO GO. If she miraculously wins ship the 1,000 to 1 payout for 1k. Jennifer Tilly was the biggest longshot of any player they were actually offering odds on.....1500/1......I think I like rousso a little better at 1000/1.

In the past I wouldn't have even been able to fathom the thought of Brett Favre in a Vikings uniform, but it looks oh so close to coming true and I have to tell ya, I'm pretty excited about it. The Vikes have a great all around team, but they are missing a quarterback. Sorry Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels, and John David Booty. I like winners, and as much as I've hated Favre in the past, and despite the massive amount of interceptions he is prone to throwing at times, the guy is a winner. I'll take our chances for 1 year with Favre, I just hope that old arm of his can hold up for a whole season. The fact that he would be handing the ball off a ton to Adrian Peterson would take some of the pressure off though. Superbowl please.

June Profit - $1,881


Monday, June 15, 2009

Back from Vegas, back to work

Well, we got back from Las Vegas Sat. evening and as fun as Vegas is it still feels good to get back home. I did alot of gambling in Vegas, however not much of it was poker. I spent a bit too much time at the blackjack tables and roulette wheels. I get destroyed playing roulette every time I sat down. I actually only sat down at a poker table twice. They were both 1/2 NL. My brother was sitting at my table the first time I played and I ran KK into his AA to lose $200. I rebought for 200 and was able to win 100 back in about 1.5 hrs. Then the next day there were 9 people on the waiting list so they started a brand new table and on the very first hand i get dealt 33. My brother is directly to my right and is UTG and opens for $7 i call it folds to the button who 3bets to $27. It folds back to my brother who calls and I call and we see a flop of 3KQhh. Turned out my brother has QQ and the other guy has AKhh for TPTK with nut draw. All 3 of our chuips obv go in on flop, Such a sick flop, my brother holds and drags it. I rebuy for 200 and am down to about 125 of that when I open KK UTG to 12 and get a calller on the button. Flop comes J68dd i bet 20 he calls turn another J i check he bets 25 i check raise all in for my remaining 90 or whatever and he calls with AJ. He obv tanks for a full minute before making this absurdly easy call. I will say that a 1/2 game in vegas seems to play alot like a 0.10/0.25 game online. Players are just fucking horrible overall. Should have played more poker and less roulette I think....

My GF and I also saw 3 shows. We saw the 2 cirque du soleil shows, "Mystere" and "O". We also saw the burlesque show at the flamingo. All 3 were good. I strongly suggest that anyone who wants to see an awesome show, go see Mystere. That is the most incredible thing I've ever seen. It's totally worth the $80 or $100 or whatever you end up paying. A++++++ show. "O" was also good but not as good as mystere in my opinion, plus it's more expensive. 2 tickets to "O" were $340. I would also reccomend the burlesque show, those girls put on a pretty good show, plus they dance to some pretty awesome music. The tickets were $50 but when we went in the guy bringing us to our seats said that we had general seating and asked if we'd like to improve our seating. I being a bit oblivious asked if that was free to which he replied, "well if you take care of me I'll take care of you." So I slipped him a $10 bill and he brought us to the very front. It was pretty cool.

We were there for 5 nights and stayed at the Flamingo. The last time my GF and I went was on New years 5 yrs back and it was alot more toned down from that time. New Years in Vegas was pretty wild....I kinda like it a bit more quiet, lol.

It's time to get back to grinding now...I've played about 30 games or so since i've been back and it's been very swingy. Overall on the month now I'm down around 100. Time to get back in the groove!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big day.....

I had a nice recovery today. I decided to stick to the 230's today and not venture into the 345's. I played 27 games at the 230 going a combined 19-8, and also played some other random sng's with good success. It all added up to a +2.7k day which I'm incredibly happy with after the last 2 days went so crappy. I actually had a shot at my daily record which is just a little over 3k but lost my last match when I ran A10 into KK at 25/ suckout away. No complaints though. I also lost a DON right before this because I wasn't paying good enough attention. 6 handed(bubble) i'm in BB for 200 it folds to button he shoves for 500, SB calls and I'm playing a big hand in my HU game at this time and think it's just a raise to 500 not a shove so I fold my 94 when I should have called. My 94 would have won and ended the sng, but instead the button doubles and I'm the bubble boy 5 hands later when my QQ can't beat KJ. Fuck me. I hate it when I do shit like that.

I'm now down just 1.1k for June. I'm gonna end up owning the shit out of the last 2 weeks of this month......I can feel it.


Another bad start to month

This is annoying. It's the 2nd month in a row now that I've gotten off to a shit start. I was about even after the 3rd, but the 4th and 5th have been especially brutal days. I lost 1.4K on the 4th and 2.5k on the 5th. Overall I'm down a little over 3800 for June.....sigh. On the 4th I had a 8 match losing streak, then on the 5th I had a ridiculous 10 match losing streak. I'm not sure if I've even ever done that before, def not since I've been playing $100+ stakes. Oh well, I guess that's what a bankroll is for, huh? I'm fully capable of admitting I have not played my best poker the last 2 days, but the VAST majority of the losses have come from drawouts and coolers. I swear I have literally been on the wrong side of every cooler....drives me nuts. Then I have hands where villain sticks in 65 bb's pf with a hand like 34 and shits on my AK. He can't do that when I have KK or AA obv.

There are a handful of players who are avg at best as far as roi/profit go who I just can't seem to beat, and I swear they always show up when I'm already having a shitty session. They are not that good of players but I post lifetime records of 2-7, or 3-11. I always feel like I get outplayed everytime I play them, but maybe they just have happened to run good against me each time, who knows. There are always a few nemesis' out there for each player I guess....

I'm not really sure what to expect for profits this month now. I leave for Vegas on Monday morning and won't be back till the night of the 13th. Maybe in the next 2 days I can win a little back, then go on a tear when I come back. I will def take a 5k month this month and be very happy. Maybe I'll just have to strike it rich in Vegas.

The good thing is my yearly profit is at 48.5k which means I am on pace for my 100k goal. I actually feel like I may have a decent shot at hitting 125k. Time will tell I guess.....

I am also still on 3 sharkscope leadboards, but the only one I really care about is the total profit on pokerstars leaderboard, where I'm #18. Kinda cool to be the 18th most profitable player on stars.

Viva Las Vegas!!!