Saturday, August 29, 2009

Turned Aug around

After a subpar beginning to the month I have completely turned Aug around. I had a big +2.4k day yesterday and the days leading up to that I was scoring consistent profit. This puts me ahead 10k for Aug which is more then I really expected after the first week and half.

It had been kinda cool seeing my name in the top half of some of the leadboards on sharkscope, but I'm starting to see that it really will be quite tough to keep my name up there while playing across 2 sites. This month, half my profit has come on Full Tilt. Like I've said previously, I don't really care but I noticed I shot down quite a few spots despite making 10k this month.

I try to play as much on pokerstars as I can since my rakeback works out to be a little higher there, and on top of that I'd like to make 300k VPP's to score the 3k bonus. However I seem to have been doing quite well on Full Tilt since I started playing there again. Sharkscope shows me at about $24/game on a $222 avg stake, however after one of FTP's updates they missed tracking for about 2-3 days straight which happened to be during my biggest run on there, so it should be even higher. The last 2 days have been especially good. On top of that sometimes the lobbies on Stars get so fucking jam packed with regs that it's just too hard/annoying to get a game. I'll wait for like 10 min just for the lobby to open up, and then BAM!! me and another reg snap join each other. That's really not as much of a problem on FTP so when the lobbies are packed with regs on Stars I've just been saying fuck it and playing there instead. It's been working out good though, so no complaints.

On a side note the Vikings are going to win the Superbowl.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick little update

I've been a little lazy with the updates, looks like it's been over a week since my last one. I didn't want to make another running bad post, thus I didn't post anything. My month has been gradually taking a turn for the better over the last few days however. In the past 4 days I've had 2 days of winning over 1k. Over my stretch of running horrific the first 2 weeks of the month one thing did go my way........I have been winning about 60% of my $345's, so it would have been way worse had I ran as bad in them as the $230's.

I seem to have turned my month around a bit, so hopefully I start to get some good variance and not so much of the bullshit. I'm + $3,400 on the month or so now with about 10 days to play so I still have a decent shot at a nice month. I'm hoping for something in the 7-8k range. Nothing is guaranteed though, I could start running like shit again and my last 10 days could be a repeat of my first 10 days of Aug. Let's hope not though :) Wish me luck!!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still running bad

I have not had a day this month where I have ran good. I've had days where I haven't run that bad, but that's about it. It is beginning to test my sanity a bit. The last 2 days have been a bit better with days of +$640 and $530. The problem is I've still gotten so unlucky in so many games that I could have made 2k each day. Just one of those things. One day I lost 4 basically game deciding all in pots in 4 straight games being a favorite of 80%, 80%, 65%, and 70% in each hand. Talk about something that will make your head explode. It's so sick how it almost seems Pokerstars and FTP are fucking with me, haha. For example, so many times also if I'm all in preflop with say QJ vs A3 the flop comes JQ4 and I do a little premature fist pump. The turn comes K and I yell "Don't you fucking do that!", and like a slap in the damn face the 10 falls on the river. I then stare blankly at the screen for a few secs debating if my mouse deserves to live for being such a traitor. No, it does not deserve life, it is destroyed. Fuck you mouse.

But yeah, despite my subpar month thus far I obviously still have all the confidence of the world in my game. That is rarely shaken. I've just been frustrated, and prob need to stay more positive when running bad, but it is soooooooo hard when it's been soooooooooo brutal. Hopefully the last 2 days are a precursor of things to come and I'll start ripping off some big days. I am at least in the black for August so, as always, it could be worse.

Time to fuck shit up!

August Profit - $726.90

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Running bad

I've kinda been running bad this month. Yesterday if I had ran good I prob woulda made 2500, and if I had ran normal prob 1500. Instead I ran like trash but still managed to finish up 500, so I guess things could have been worse. It was probably the most frustrating +500 day I've ever had. Just getting donked. The typical game would do down with me wearing them down to 600-900 chips, getting it in as a slight fav/slight dog/coin flip and losing. I would then repeat that step one more time, then blinds would rise to 50/100 and I'd look down at a never ending barrage of 72, 59, 64, 82, J5, 104. Gut wrenching. I feel my surge coming though.....bring it on.

Things that make me LOL in online poker.......

  • People who type in GL at the start of the match, but go ballistic when I actually have some good luck
  • People who type in GG every time they win a match, but nothing when they lose. I think this is some sort of attempt at a needle. I'm probably guilty of this one every once in a while, but not every time.
  • People who type LOL every time they get the slightest bit unlucky. For example they limp with KJ, I check K4 flop 937 checked, turn Q checked, river 4 checked. "LOL"
  • First hand of a HU game, I fold my button they show me 72, or some other junk hand.
  • 10/20 blinds i check J3 from BB flop 47Q i check they bet 20 i fold they show me the well timed mega bluff with 82 for the 40 chip pot.
  • I raise 67 from button flop 458 and I win a sizeable pot. Opponent: "OMFG you made a raise with 7 high? You are fucking awful."
  • blinds 75/150, effec stax <10 bb's. I am pretty consistently shoving my button. Opponent: "All you donkeys want to do is play all in preflop poker. Are you scared to play postflop?" Opponent is obv folding to all my shoves and limp folds his button off a 5 bb stack.
Feel free to share something that makes you LOL or maybe slightly annoys you. I'm sure I missed a few. Good times.

Aug Profit - ($194)

Monday, August 3, 2009

July Recap/Aug Goals

I am incredibly happy with my July #'s and it ended up being my 2nd best month ever. It started out decent but got a little shaky on the 5th & 6th with losing days of $1500 and $1100 respectively, leaving me about breakeven after the first week. I rebounded immediately with 3 big days of +1800, +1900, and +1200. I never looked back after that. Here are my final July #'s....

Heads Up - $14,793.60
Other SNG's - ($983.16)
FPP's/Rakeback/Bonus - $2,223.09

Total July Profit - $16,033.53

I obviously will not be complaining during this post. Super happy with my July Profit. I didn't have much luck in the other random SNG's I played, but it hardly matters.

I just missed my 600 game HU goal by playing 583. Close enough I guess, I probably could have made it but I packed it in kinda early the last 3 days of July when I could have played more.

Here's my HU breakdown for July:

$115 - 32-25
$230 - 248-187
$345 - 48-36
$570 - 6-1

I've also managed to get a 2,000 game sample in the 230 on Pokerstars now, and it's promising that my #'s are looking just as good as after the 1,000 game sample. Here's the graph/#'s.

Games Played - 2,149
Avg ROI - 10%
Avg Profit - $23.27
Total Profit $50,010

I think i should have made the jump into the 230 sooner then I did. I may have fucked around in the 115 a bit too long, but at least I was more than ready to make the jump.

I am pretty happy right now with playing the random assortment of HU 115/230/345/570 that I am right now. I will probably keep this up for a while with my main game continuing to be the 230. It seems to be working out pretty good right now, not much need to change anything.

I'm gonna set my Aug goal at 600 games again. That is what I will shoot for but I will settle for 500. 500 will be the bare minimum I want to put in, but I will try my best to get the 600 in. I feel I played A game poker almost the whole month of July so I'd like to keep that little streak going also.

I have gotten some games in already this month and have a few hundred $$$ in profit. I just lost 5 of 6 to some super laggy dude who was luckboxing it hard against me. I had to quit him after the 6th game cause I could feel the tilt setting in. It's been an hour so I'm probably ready to get back in the ring now.

Have a good August everyone