Sunday, May 31, 2009

Buh Bye May

"A 10k month is still possible but prob won't happen. I'm gonna shoot for a 5k month right now."

Above is a quote from my blog entry on May 8th when I was down about 3k on the month. Below are my final #'s

Heads Up - $9,992.80
Other sng's - ($181.44)
FPP rakeback - $1,935.00

Total May Profit - $11,746.36

On the 8th I would have been happy making 8k to finish up 5k on the month. Plus I had been running pretty bad for over a week, so at the time even making 8k just sounds impossible. I sometimes forget how badly I can tear it up when I'm playing good and running good at the same time, and that's pretty much what happened the last 2/3 of the month. I hit a little rough patch on the 26th & 27th losing about 1.6 between the two days, then breaking even on the 28th. Sadly I prob dumped 2 or 3 buy ins because of tilting which was bad. I took the 29th off and came into the 30th up about 7.5k on the month, but ripped it up for a 2.7k day(2nd best day ever), then I followed that up with a 1.5k day today. Talk about a clutch end to the month. I'm hoping that 10k+ months will start becoming the norm for me.

I didn't make my 625 HU game goal as I played 566 games. I can live with that. There were a few days I quit playing early, or just took off completely. If not for those days I would have made it but I also may have just gotten burned out and tilted off some $$. Trying to push volume to reach goals is kinda stupid sometimes.

I played just 71 games at the $115 this month, 387 games at $230, and 106 games at $345. I pretty much feel 100% comfortable with both the competition and the swings of the $230 now, and only dip back into the $115 when I want to get some quick games in and the $230 lobby is jammed up with regs. I feel pretty comfortable at the $345 as well. The competition I'm facing does not concern me, but sometimes the swings of that level can get to me. If I drop 8 of 10 games at that level it really tilts me a bit.

I'm leaving for Las Vegas on the 8th and not coming back till the 13th so I'm going to drop my volume goal to 475 games, as I won't be playing any online poker during that time. I'm not playing any WSOP events, just a coincidence I'm going there at that time. Should be a fun time and I'm looking forward to it.

Bring on June!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Solid month shaping up

I won't be having a repeat of my 19k April(not that I expected it), but it will be a great month nonetheless. I should be able to pull off my 2nd best month ever which I will def take. I've ripped off 7 or 8 winning days in a row now and am feeling good, even though today and yesterday I really ran bad in some crucial spots in some of my matches. I went on a 6 match losing steak yesterday which hasn't happened in what feels like forever(and it still pained me, lol). I hate the rematch feature when I'm playing some fish and it goes down like this.....Lose game one, rematch. Lose game 2, rematch. Lose game 3, rematch. Win game 4, fish declines rematch....WTF....keep playing me MF!!! Goddamnit, I want my fucking money back, ugh. I think overall the rematch feature has been working good for me, I'm not obsessively rematching players when tilted, and I've actually had quite a few shit players get tilted and keep rematching me which is nice. I haven't destroyed them, because they have gotten uber lucky on me after spazzing out, but it's still nice to see.

I'm not sure if I will play tomorrow or not. The last day I played absolutely no poker was on the 1st of this month, so maybe it's time to just take a day off. I'm getting up early to meet up with my Dad and Brother to do some Memorial weekend fishing. I have to get up at 5:30 to make it to my Dad's my 7:00. I had it planned out that I was gonna get up early today so I would be tired tonight and not end up staying up till like 3:00AM, but I obv slept till past 11AM this morning so I may be fucked trying to get to sleep early. Blah.

Nice to see the Twins rebound from the 6 game losing streak with 2 big wins, 20-1 over the Chisox and 11-3 today over the Brewers. Cuddyer hit for the cycle too.....huh. I saw the last couple min of game 2 of the Cleveland/Orlando series....WOW.

That's it for now.

May Profit - $8,402.20

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well first things first.....the Yankees officially OWN the Twins. Every single fucking time the Twins go to New York they just get stomped. I guess it doesn't matter that it's a new Yankee Stadium, still the same old story for the sorry Twins. The first 3 games were all walk offs for the Yankees, then the 4th game is another 1 run game!!! Come on!! I even had to watch A-roid jack one out in extras in one of the games. I was hoping we could put it behind us and get better in Chicago but those dirty Chisox already pounded us the first game yesterday......whores.

Poker is good. I like poker better than the Twins right now. I've been pretty consistently racking up winning days since my initial poor start to the month. I am still having my way with the 230, not much has changed there since last month as I'm up over 10k in the game this month.....the 345 has been a bit of a different story as I'm down about 5k in that game this month. I'm 100% sure it's just from running like dirt. I don't know what it is with the 230 both this month and last month, I am just playing so good and have beaten the game at close to a 62% clip the last 2 months. I think I have been running pretty well at the 50/100 levels and up during this period, probably winning a few more flips than I should be and also consistently being the one with the bigger A/pp preflop when effective stacks are <10 bb's. There is nothing more frustrating than dropping a series of matches at 50/100 and up, so it's obv a great feeling to consistently beat up my opponents at this level. It won't last forever though, so enjoy it while I can!

I bought Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo off of Ebay....what a great game! One of the best games off all time for sure. I still got it too, I got through all the cups on almost my first try. The 150cc special cup I could only get the silver on though because Donkey Kong's fatass knocked me off the rainbow road....what a cocksucker that monkey is sometimes, he can just be so mean. Such an aggro donk. In my opinion all those fancy games they have now for the ps3 and whatever all those new consoles are, can't hold a light to the classics like super mario, duck hunt, contra, all those older games for the NES and SNES are just better. You could pick up a game you had never played before and without even glancing at the insruction manual could have a good grasp on the game within 1/2 hour. Those games now it takes 1/2 hour to learn how to make your fucking character take a step. The games now are way more realistic and in depth but fuck it, give me Super Mario Bros 3 over Gears of War anyday.

I'm looking to keep getting in some consistent volume the rest of the month and hopefully pull of a 10k month.

May Profit - about 7k

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm back, don't you know you can't kill me?

Things have been going pretty good the last week for me. I got myself outta the red and outta my little mini funk I was in. The 11th, 12th, and 13th were pretty big days for me with profits of 1.8k, 1.6k, and 2.5k respectively. When bad runs start stretching into the 7 day and longer period I start to get a little irritable with poker, so this good run came along at the right time. Sadly my mouse did not survive the bad 9 day stretch and was viciously beaten to death by me. Now I'm using my backup mouse which had a near death experience during one of my bad stretches a while back. I'd say it's in serious, maybe critical condition. The scroll things don't work and the pointer is kinda jumpy on the screen. Time to invest in a new mouse or two. I think in 08 I went through like 6 or 7 mouses. It seems kinda crazy but it always helps me calm down just to take my frustrations out on the mouse. They are so wimpy too, like one slam to the desk and they are all fucked up. Meh, I guess they aren't made to take that kinda abuse.

I don't think(or at least hope) I have much to worry about with the MN DPS(Dept of Public Safety) ordering the internet providers to block access to gambling websites. I saw that IMEGA(Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association) has filed a lawsuit against the MN DPS and has also said that if any of the internet providers actually go through with the blockage(which I highly doubt will happen) they will file a lawsuit against them too. Thank goodness for IMEGA and the PPA. If something like this goes through in one state I feel it could lead to a domino effect. Obv the players who really want to play could prob find a way around it but it would just hurt the population of recreational players even moreso than the UIGEA already has. Keeping those fingers crossed......

Man can they really make the opening to Poker After Dark any more corny??? Jesus.

Not sure if I'm gonna make my 625 game goal or not this month. I've just been kinda playing when I feel like it and not forcing volume as much. Sometimes it just works better not to push volume.

Anybody ever watch Tom & Jerry?? That was one of my favorite cartoons growing up(I still watch it if I see it's on). Anyways check out this clip from one of the first Episodes ever made. I believe just the 2nd episode...but let me know if anyone thinks this looks as dirty as I thought it did.....part in question starts at about 4:25....I felt this needed to be shared, haha.

May Profit - about 3.7k

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tough first week of May

May has been a struggle so far. The first 6 days was kinda a back and forth thing just kinda treading water. I came into yesterday down about $500 on the month. Then yesterday I had my worst day ever profit wise, finishing down 2.4k. Ouch. I went 2-2 in the 115, 7-12 in the 230, and 1-4 in the 345. Just an all around brutal day where nothing would go right.

Even after finishing up 19k last month, stretches like these still hurt. Crazy game. A week ago I have my best ever day finishing up 3k, then yesterday BOOM! I lose 2.4k. It reminded yet again that in poker a shitty day always feels much worse than an awesome day feels good. It's so shitty how that works.

This whole week I've been unbelievably card dead which has led to me trying to force plays in bad spots, trying to bluff my way out of goofy spots I get myself into and shit like that. I've bluffed off my stack in too many bad spots and to players who do not know how to fold, so I should know better. Too many players making hero/spite calls against me.

A 10k month is still possible but prob won't happen. I'm gonna shoot for a 5k month right now.

I think instead of saying I'm down 2.9k in May I'm just gonna say I'm up 16k in April & May. It makes me feel better :)

Time to turn it around!!!!

May losses ($2,904.44)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I just added up my final tally for the day in HU and it's kinda sick, haha. 30 total HU games with a total record of 16-14. Only problem is that I went 3-0 in 115's(Nice!), 11-6 in 230's(Super!!), and 2-8 in 345's(WTF!?!?, PUKE). That's kinda the shitty part about playing at 3 different levels is that it feels like I should be about even in HU but instead I'm down almost $900 even with a 16-14 record. I managed to offset these losses a tad in some other random SNG's/FPP rakeback at least.

Maybe I'll take a little break from the 345 for a couple days.......I'm confident I will get this turned around and be outta the red for the month in the next day or three.

Gonna enjoy a Monster and watch the twins go for 2 straight over Detroit!! 13-13 on the year, let's get back over .500!!!

Happy grinding


Slow start to May

I was hoping my hot streak would continue right into May, but it didn't. I have not been able to get much going at all these first 5 days of the month. I've been running very bad in almost every 345 I play so that's a big reason. However, after last month I don't think I can really complain about variance much.

I noticed today that Pokerstars added the rematch option to their heads up games which I'm hoping will be a good thing. It should be as long as I'm smart enough to stop playing somebody when I'm tilted. We'll see I guess.

Although this month has started off slow I'm still hoping for a 10k month. Time to turn it around.



May Losses ($573)