Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mid July

Actually, it's a little past mid July, but close enough. Since my last post I've been alternating winning and losing days with my winning days being quite a bit larger than the losing ones. I was up over 11k going into yesterday, but got wrecked pretty good towards the end of my session yesterday. I lost 14 of my last 15 games. They were all super turbos. Those fucking things man, I tell you. They will make you a man. Put hair on your chest. I ended up finishing down close to 3k on the day, but the month is still going great other than that little road bump. Gonna get back into it today, but might stay away from the ST's for a day or two. Maybe. They kinda gave me a poker concussion.

My girlfriend and I will be closing on a house this week, so with the moving and trying to buy shit for the house and everything I might not get as much volume in as I'd like the last week or so of the month. A little time off will probably be a good thing though. I'm hoping when I start playing in my new office it's a little more +EV than playing in the living room of our one bedroom apt. I'm thinking I'll be able to concentrate better and get better use of my time when I have a place to go that I know is just for grinding and money making. I'll know when I sit down in my office it's time to work. Not that I make bad use of my time now or anything, I'm just thinking it will make it a little easier.

A.L. Central gonna be a close 3 way race between Twins, Tigers, Chisox. I smell another strong 2nd half of a season for the Twins and another Central title! More than likely followed by us getting owned by the Yankees in the 1st round of the playoffs :(

July Profit - $8,362

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