Sunday, July 11, 2010

July going smoothly

What's up everyone?

July is going pretty good so far. Friday was a real big day, actually the biggest of my career as I finished up $4,150(which included a $400 rakeback payment). Never had a 4k day before, it felt pretty good.

All the games but 1 were played on FT, so here's that graph.

I'd say about 2/3 of the games were prob super turbos. I've been putting in some decent volume in the $102/$203.50 ST's and it's been going decently well. I still def prefer the somewhat slower structure of the normal turbos, but if those aren't filling very fast what can you do? A lot of the donks seem to love the structure of these ST's, and I can see why. It gives them more of a chance to just get the chips in the middle and get lucky.

Although a turbo usually progresses fairly quickly into a game with effective stacks of <25 bb's(once blinds hit 30/60 this is the case no matter what) the thing I hate about the ST's is that you're going into these short stack situations completely cold if you don't have any notes on the opponent. At least in a normal turbo say if blinds get to 30/60, you've been playing for 9 minutes and prob played 20-30 hands. In this amount of time at least you can have some sort of reads on your opponent and have some sort of table image to work with yourself. Not quite the case in ST's, but regardless they are still profitable, just way more variance.

I've put in about 250 ST's this month and have a profit in them of about $2,000, so not that bad at all. I'll def be making these a part of my volume from now on, but do not want to play them exclusively. I'll still be playing turbos most of the time I think.

I've been grinding pretty hard each day this month. Putting in some pretty solid 6-8 hour sessions and seem to be reaping the rewards. If the games would fill quicker I could have better volume for my time. So tilting to have to wait 20 min between games sometimes.

I saw the WSOP main event got the 2nd largest amount of entrants ever. I think that's a good sign that poker is still going strong. First place like 8 million. So sick.

July Profit - $7,018



hey said...

are u onetabling man?

bartchalker said...

I don't know!!!!!!!! Maybe hey!!!!!!!

Razor25 said...

Hey man, good blog. Let me ask you something. In terms of normal turbos, just trying to get my head round how the best approach a game.

do you spend your first 20-30 hands with an opponent trying to find out if he is tight, loose, pass, agg etc? Or do you just look for his specific tactics, because people can have bits and pieces of both in different situations. Thands and GL.

bartchalker said...

I guess I kinda look for both. Anything you can pick up on and exploit is a plus obviously.

Thomas nyland said...

ST is the nuts.
Really hope pokerstars implement them soon as well.
Even though it will take some of the action from the normal turbos it will still create more total action i think.

With the small rake its for sure a solid edge. I'd say the variance is about twice as big as in normal turbos. But to reduce variance its a good idea to decline vs guys that are playing somewhat OK (even though you might got an edge) and find the fish that is rematching and happy to donate. Especially the guys that are folding too much and seldom raising. Or the guy that just never believes you when you got a hand.